Giancarlo Checchi

Giancarlo is an Italian/American ex-professional cyclist. He started racing in a small village in Italy when he was 7 years old and went through the categories of youth to junior, under 23, elite and professional with many good results and victories. He has competed all around the world including major races such as Giro d'Italia under 23, Belgium Classic under 23 and Giro delle Marche etc. Giancarlo was in a serious car accident in 2004 which ended his professional career. Now he rides for fun and enjoys a mix of road cycling and mountain biking. Giancarlo will lead the rides out with the Kingdom Cycling Club and also offers private coaching. 


Bridget Nyaradi

Bridget is a registered yoga teacher and started cycling seriously when she met Giancarlo. She will be leading the Yoga for Cyclist classes at Kingdom and also the midweek women’s rides. Cycling and yoga are complementary disciplines; cycling for strength and endurance and yoga for flexibility and the right mindset.