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Kingdom was founded on bringing people together who love the outdoors and cycling. Whether you’re new to cycling or ride regularly, you’ll be able to join in and ride with other cyclists to discover new places and make friends along the way.

Kingdom’s own Cycle Club will work with British Cycling, the national governing body of cycling, to develop a programme of events, training and coaching to identify future talent and potential podium winners.


For Kingdom members to join us on our road rides you will need to join British Cycling and purchase at least a Ride, Silver or Gold membership. For new members, British Cycling offer a £24 discount.

Terms and conditions apply



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Welcome to the most beautifully awe-inspiring yoga studio where nature permeates every corner - a seamless integration of bringing the natural world inside, blurring the lines of time and space.  Each class is a unique journey of awakening to higher levels of our most radiant wholesome selves.  

Classes are open and inclusive for all whether you are a beginner, improver or a seasoned yogi. We look forward to welcoming you here and into this ever-growing family at Kingdom.  

'United by nature, connected through Yoga'



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Personal Training * Nature-Fit Classes * Wellbeing Age Assessments * Wellbeing Retreats.

DayOne Wellness combine outdoor exercise, with nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help all ages live their best lives for the longest!

Head coach Pip says: I always recommend starting with a 1:1 wellbeing age assessment so that our expert team can tailor their advice to your specific needs. Our unique wellbeing age assessments test your blood sugars, blood pressure, grip strength, brain health, body fat % and much more to provide you with a detailed report on your actual age vs your wellbeing age.

Visit the DayOne Wellness website to find out more and book your wellbeing age assessment today.




Chris Brooks founded Method with knowledge, experience and passion for triathlon and endurance sport. At Method our mission is to provide honest training advice, coaching and rehabilitation support all in one location.

The Method team have competed across all disciplines; triathlons from Sprint to IronMan, 5k runs to ultra marathons, cycling crit races to 100mile tt – so we don’t just talk the talk!

Our aim is to ensure you keep enjoying and progressing in your chosen sport. We do not believe in quick fixes, our approach is specifically tailored to your needs and lifestyle, allowing you to train smarter, improve your performance and recover quicker.

We bring together the best, so you can be your best. That’s our Method. For more information and pricing please visit